Artist Statment

Cortez Curtis

My first inspiration as an artist came in first grade. My teacher loved the clouds I drew. She had me paint artwork to hang on the walls of her classroom and outside hall walls. 

As an second grader I drew stickmen on my test paper because it was much easier for me to communicate with  art than writing. It made the teacher very angry with me. By the time I got to middle school I had graduated to jet fighters and superhero’s.

I can appear indifferent to my surroundings and sometimes aloof but I remain well balanced and I have survived many a stormy day by withdrawing within myself and finding solace and answers through painting. In my creative state, my analytical mind is free to receive a metaphorically high degree of sensitivity. Working with art takes me on a journey searching for true self and my true personal meaning in life. Subconsciously I don’t want to respond to demanding circumstances and challenging obstacles. So painting gives me a harmonious outlet to demonstrate my feelings and reveals an area of my character that needs to be outspoken and spontaneous. I am a dreamer,  who frequently allow his imagination to explode into color to bridge between perceptions and expressions of ideas and passions.

 I have both philosophical and theoretical influences, but rather than indulging in fantasies or idle thought I prefer to base my artwork upon existential factors like individualism.  

More important than all these feelings and influences is an intuition, an overwhelming sense of having a purpose. As an artist, I desperately want to bring out or reveal a inventive message that will make other people lives happier, healthier, and more at peace with life. © Cortez Curtis 2016