Welcome "The Best Is Yet To Come” 

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Cortez Da Vinci

“I’m constantly opening to the inflow of inspiration around me. I am amazed by the perfection I see in simple everyday things. I feel fulfillment when I am painting, it’s like I feel my expressions and emotions are being transposed onto the canvas, and then captured with paint and transformed into something amazing.”

My mission is to innovate, inform and inspire our local business clients and guests to beautiful art works that will surround you with divine substance and... 

- Provide a high-quality framed painting and reproductions with an distinctive original style. 

- Create an exciting venue where my art can be exhibited and sold both locally and internationally. 

- Represent and promote that art work through galleries, websites, workshops, etc. 

- Facilitate the marketing and consulting for Artez Artworks. 

 At Artez Art Works we offer paintings and prints that will enhance your life and touch your heart. It is our wish to fulfill your art desires with unique and inspirational creations. 

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